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The Rychta hotel is situated in the historic centre of the town of Netolice. The hotel follows the tradition of the U Boudalů pub, which, as evidenced by the preserved written documents, existed as early as in 1882. In the 1930s the hotel was known under the name of Kinkor Hotel. In 1968 the house was purchased by the Jednota cooperative, renewing the restaurant operation, and taking up the name of Rychta. In 1994 the house was sold by Jednota to Milan and Ludmila Dudáčeks, who reconstructed the house to become a family-run hotel with a wide offer of services.



Staré město 131
384 11 Netolice
tel: +420 388 324 603
tel: +420 602 160 463
e-mail: rychta@cbox.cz

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