The Netolice region offers a wide range of sports facilities. Tourists can enjoy the long and the short tour. The short tour only covers Netolice and the closest surroundings. There are also numerous cycling paths crossing the beautiful foothills of the Šumava. There is also the interesting instructional cycling path called "Historic Netolice Landscape". The town has a sports stadium with open-air tennis courts behind (for rent). Other sporting activities of Netolice include 2 hockey teams for whom the Rychta Hotel is the general sponsor, one ice-hockey team and the other hockey-ball team. Both teams play combined regional championships of the Prachatice, České Budějovice and Český Krumlov regions. About 300 m away of Rychta there is the fishing pond called Mnich. In 1990s Netolice also held international motocross races. This tradition is now being renewed after nearly a decade. Another sport worth mentioning is the annual Netolice horse racing at the racing course of the Kratochvíle chateau. Horse riding lovers can find two riding clubs around Netolice (in Grejnarov and in Lužice). Our ponds also offer a lot of opportunities for summer swimming. The nearest swimming pond is Podroužek about a kilometre away. Adrenalin experience is provided by the Strunkovice nad Blanicí airport offering tandem parachuting.


Staré město 131
384 11 Netolice
tel: +420 388 324 603
tel: +420 602 160 463

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